Misko English Springer Spaniels

Linda breeds, raises and trains Misko English Springer Spaniels.


Tynehead's Sweet Sara CDX, Am CD, CGC

Sara, who I acquired in 1986, was my first springer. Sweet and loving, she and I learned so much together. She loved to hunt and excelled as a working dog in obedience and as my constant companion. Sadly she never knew what fun she could have doing agility or tracking since access to these sports were not available to us in her day.


Ch/OTCH Brigola's Northern Echo Am CDX, Am/Can TD, CGN, CGC, AAC-VADC

If you can have a canine soulmate, Echo is mine. She bounded into my life in 1991, having picked me over over her littermates when we first met. She grew up to earn many Highest Score in Trial awards in Canada and the U.S. and she placed in the top 5 English Springer Spaniels in Canada 5 years in a row from 1995 to 1999. She earned her show championship and later in life was introduced to agility and tracking, excelling at both of them. She truly loved to learn and do anything as long as it was with me. She and I spent our finest times together when I was a field biologist in northern British Columbia. She accompanied me on my research projects and learned to ride on the back of an ATV as we covered the many miles. In 1994 she had her only litter, producing 6 wonderful puppies. At 13 years of age, unwilling to sit back and do nothing, she earned her Canine Good Neighbour title and did a spectacular obedience demonstration at a local fund-raising event. She has been a bright, eager and enthusiastic learner and amazing companion.


Ch Misko's Legacy CDX, Am/Can TD, CGC, CGN, AGN, AAC-VATChC

L'acy is Echo's daughter. She is a sweet loving dog who loves nothing more than to cuddle in my lap or next to my pillow at night. She, too, placed in the top 5 obedience English Springer Spaniels in Canada in 1999 and 2000. She was introduced to agility earlier in life than Echo, so remained in the sport of agility long enough to become the first English Springer Spaniel in British Columbia to earn an Agility Trial Championship with the Agility Association of Canada and to compete in an AAC National Championship. Following in the footsteps of her mom, she earned tracking titles in Canada and the U.S. She, too, had one litter before she resumed an active, busy life.


Ch Misko's with Style and Flair CD, TD, CGC, AGI, AAC-MADC

Also black and white, Flair is L'acy's daughter. She has many of the qualities of both her mother and her grandmother, Echo. She lives to work and think and be challenged. Very early in her career she earned 2 Highest Score in Trial awards on the way to her CD. She earned her tracking title in 2005 , but her passion is agility. Her love of it can be seen as she vibrates on the start line. She earned the right to compete at the Agility Association of Canada National Championships in 2005 and did extremely well, finishing 3rd in an individual event and 8th overall in her height class. She took time out in 2004 to have a litter of puppies but has now resumed training toward the 2006 AAC National Championships and is preparing for her debut in Rally Obedience.


Misko's Tempo Con Brio

Tempo, Flair's daughter, has some of the drive of her mom, but is also very much like her grandmother, L'acy. The two of them share the bed in the evening for a snooze if I'm not available to curl up with. Like L'acy, she is a stable, sweet dog who had her first flight to Toronto at 4 months of age. She cheerfully faced every new experience with calm and willingness. A natural tracker, Tempo will be ready to earn her TD in 2006. She is well on her way to her show championship and is preparing for her debut in agility and obedience competition.


Misko's Tchaikovsky TD

Tchai, Flair's son, is the first male springer in a household of females. He is a charming, sweet boy who is eager to please and loves to learn. He was introduced to tracking at a young age and earned his Canadian TD at under 11 months of age. At under 1 year of age he flew to Toronto with me where he played daily with dogs of all ages and breeds in Toronto's off-leash parks. He calmly rode streetcars and accompanied me on my walks through the busy Toronto streets. A calm and sensible boy, he is well on his way to his show championship and is in training for agility and obedience competition.

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