Obedience Training

In a group setting, this program teaches the skills necessary to allow your canine companion to become a well-mannered family pet. Choose from 4 levels, depending on the age and skill level of your dog. To ensure individual attention and assistance, class size is limited. To protect your dog, proof of up-to-date vaccination must be shown at the first class. The first class meets without dogs for registration, orientation, and demonstration unless you have enrolled in the Intermediate or Advanced classes.


For puppies under 18 weeks of age. Puppies learn basic manners, some basic obedience skills, and they learn how to interact with people and with other puppies making this class a great way to socialize your new pet! Handlers learn how to deal with puppy problems and how to avoid problems as your puppy matures. One class is dedicated to first aid, canine health and grooming. Taking advantage of puppyhood (the formative period in your dog's life) gives you the opportunity to develop good behaviour and enrich the communication between you and your canine companion. 8 1/2 hours over 6 weeks.

Basic Home Obedience

For dogs over 18 weeks of age. This class is intended for dogs that have had little previous training or for ones having difficulty learning commands. Dogs learn how to walk on a loose leash, sit, lie down, stand still, come when called, and stay in position. One class is dedicated to first aid, canine health and grooming. Common behaviour problems are covered as well as important aspects of dog behaviour that will allow you to better understand and communicate with your canine companion. 8 1/2 hours over 6 weeks.

Intermediate Home Obedience

For dogs that have good basic obedience skills. Dogs will continue to work on the basic commands, developing confidence so that they will obey them despite distractions. New exercises include heeling, "wait", "leave-it", sitting quietly while greeting friendly strangers, behaving politely around other dogs, along with some work on off-leash control. This is a high energy class that incorporates games, making it fun for both handler and dog. (Pre-requisite: Puppy-Smart, Basic Home Obedience or permission of instructor.) Six 1 1/4 hour sessions.

Advanced Home Obedience

In addition to building on the basic commands, dogs will continue to work toward reliable off leash control and work on new activities such as retrieving. Dogs and handlers play many games that utilize and reinforce learned skills making these classes both challenging and lots of fun. (Pre-requisite: Intermediate Home Obedience.) Six 1 1/4 hour sessions.